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Cool. Nice idea. I like the start how the guy's legs turn into the iceburgs...

one criticism i have is that it would be nice to have some other running animations, like maybe they guy reacting to something in his surroundings rather than the same animation running throughout it. I respect how the scenery changed all the time and how there were things happening a lot, but it is something i would have liked to have seen.

wow. Makes me wanna know where this was shot. I really like how you've given it a docementary feel with the camera shot style and the animals just doing what they're doing. Also, really creative design with the animals. I like the shot with the skull cow things, and the people walk up the stairs, showing they're just normal creatures in this world. Very imaginative and nuts. I also liked the way some of them seemed to shy away from the fact they were being filmed, like the guy who turned into a bin after looking at the camera.

Awesome stuff man.

Very in touch with the game. Reminded me of the Madness series. Really nice animation with the paper... not sure how you did it i'm not an animator but for me it was impressive.

Just.... didn't expect that. and it made me laugh. nice.

Woah! Incredible animation skills. Was it all hand-drawn?

Awesome! Good use of sfx and music and the animation was really good!

nailed it, though i haven't played any of them, there is an advert which says it on the side right now with big elf girl boobs.

You seem like a very paranoid and scared of people person... this will not be true for many people... though i suppose it also will be for many people. I don't think I will be like that.

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Thanks for watching!

They were some pretty good jokes there...


I make music - music that sounds like it could be from a classic SNES game of sorts. I don't ever intend to create this type of music exactly, but having played so much of these games it's no surprise their BGM has influenced what I happen to make.

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