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Super-hero stealing from a vault? I assume this vault and the guards are evil....

I liked the character, though he does heavily resemble mega man and could be made more original I imagine. The toon is short and sweet, the combat is quite cool. I agree with everything Zacktan says beneath so there's no need to repeat any of that here. Also, I make music, if you ever need any made for you. And finally where did you get the track you used in this?

Nicely done overall, but awaiting further fluidness and improvement :)

This brought a tear to my eye, reminding me of the shit people are gong through... please don't blam!

Oh man. There was so much power behind that. The tide of the battle was awesome in its turning. I'd say the red one (Ebon)? definitely got the better end of the stick though (haha, pun? Anyone? ok I'll go home). But I liked the speed of the black ones punches and his combo skills. Very fluent and generally, very awesome. Thanks for pouring your time into this it was a great watch!

I thought that was a really good lil animation of a pokemon fight done on flash. It's cool how you visualised the inside of a pokeball and what could actually be going in there as well. It seems like a likely thing to be happening inside that thing, even though pokemon can't read... oh well just thought of that haha, but the idea was still good! The animation too of the way the pokemon turns into a lazer when it goes inside the pokeball was awesome, really well done. The expressions of the characters are all like the series, especially the bit where Ash has caught the pokemonand is balancing on the ball with glee. A few small points on the other side of the coin too: I thought the limbs and some movements were strangely drawn, but that could just be me getting used to your style of animation. But I think you could put a little more into the action of the movement, like when ash throws the ball, you could make it look more dynamic and fast by adding wind lines around the throw or behind the ball. All I can say for bad points really, perhaps a little snappier editing... not sure what else. Anyway, I enjoyed that, thanks :D

That was fucking awesome

I loved the idea behind it, I've written something similar myself, I predicted it there would be rays of light coming into the guy's window because in what I'd written the same thing is happening. Loved it (:

Really cool

Everything was awesome, the drawing /animation style is especially ambitious and generally works very well. As with others, I would say the dream sequence could be made a little longer, more could happen within it, maybe he goes and finds something he's been looking for, maybe sees a castle in the distance that contains what he's looking for so runs there to get it it. Then the dream ends when he's got it. I don't know, just suggesting. Otherwise I really enjoyed it, was just a little dissapointed in the short length of the dream. I know how much work even that would have taken though so i still say well done. Very cool thank you for uploading!!

ok well...

I really thought that was going somewhere, like an aerial attack or something from above after he ran up the wall but... he just left. semi-cool original fighting but way too short!

Freakin' epic!

This is like a revamped madness series! make more plz (:

realistic physics eh?

I certainly enjoyed the cartoon but was actually expecting at first, something very realistic. That probably made it funnier however when he gets on the whale up and defies gravity x10


The conversation at the start was funny :p but i thought the guy was gonna have a cannon in his beard O.o guess i read the name wrong...

I make music - music that sounds like it could be from a classic SNES game of sorts. I don't ever intend to create this type of music exactly, but having played so much of these games it's no surprise their BGM has influenced what I happen to make.

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