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Absolutely nailed it man! Love it! :D what program do you use btw? merry christmas!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :) I use Ableton Live 9. Happy Holidays!!

Lovely, I love simple wyeah really nostalgic and nice melodies like this :)

Acoustatic responds:

Thanks man! The melodies were inspired by simple tunes that one might hear at a circus or carnival. I'm happy the piece could help you feel a bit nostalgic :)

Jesus this be some heavy shit!

XdEsignS responds:

Thank you man!! I really appriciate the feedback and the view :D

Well made and pretty decent idea for a flappy bird song :P I use FL studios and it's cool to hear the different sounds you get on Reason. This song really reminds me of a song in worms armeggedon actually... a lot, but yeah well made tune dude like it!

Neojock responds:

Thanks man. Yeah although you're limited to the vsts in Reason, they're hella good. Also really slick mixing side to the program. I've tried to use FL but I guess it's not my cup of tea. Glad you like the track!

Yo, how did you get that 'in and out' effect on the main synth-line? I assume it was side-chaining, but is it side-chain compression or something else? and also what compressor are you using on FL Studios? The one I have doesn't seem to have the side-chain function. Cool stuff btw, that buzzyness ain't really my cuppa tea, sometimes is, but the more robotic sounds are more my ting. Cheers dude!

Norato responds:

Gross beat sidechaining ( Not the preset tho)

Scary, not my kind of thing but I appreciate the creation of the song is sound and well done. I didn't vote on the thing as I don't want to lower your score ( i would pick 4) but I didn't want to give it 5 either. well done!

Nice man, do you use FL studios? I saw that you were using wasp and sytrus in your description so I thought you might. I've also just uploaded a song (called Social Alarm) and use wasp and wasp XT in it, didn't wanna use sytrus this time because I can use wasp better (it's definitely easier). By the sounds of it you are definitely more skilled than I am with the music making programs (not sure which one you use). But yeah, this song has a very happy and crazy vibe to it, reminds me of a video-game lover mixed with knife-party or something like that. If you do use fl studios, we could do a collaboration at some point if you are up for it! Would be cool to. Also would be cool if you could check out my latest track. Also, follow for follow? :)

Norato responds:

Yes, I must agree. SYTRUS Is F*cking hard :D I actually learned Massive and HARMOR! before fcking sytrus :D All the harmonics distortion units, mods n stuff is just really hard even for orientation.

And yes, I use FL studio ( 11 currently ). I BEGGIN with WASP and than Wasp XT ( wich I dont even use currently, just clasic wasp )

And at least, I dont do Follow for follow :D If I will like your songs a lot, I will follow dont worry :)

This is awesome. Can I ask what you made this on? I use FL Studios and make similar things, video-games being a major influence on what I make as well. This is insanely well done, thanks!

Sounds really nice, the drum beat is awesome with the breaking and stuff and the glitchy elements. I would suggest changing the drum beat at points though, keeping it fresh throughout and cutting some of the instruments or changing the melody (to a darker one for example), which you do at points like in the middle and end, but I would say more change would be nicer for the track, otherwise it never feels like it's really 'dropped' and that nothing really changed from the intro. Although I did hear a lot of new noises coming in and things building on the top of it, a proper shift might help at one point, then go back to the first thing.

All just suggestions and I listened to the whole track and thought it was good and well made as a whole, and everything I said could be stylistic choices which I am nagging at just for what I prefer, so maybe don't take any hedence to them if you feel you don't need to :) it's all good.

Cheers for uploading I enjoyed :)

JusticeMode responds:

Thanks for the feedback, and I appreciate the comments and compliments!

I absolutely agree with you on the lack of a drop. I've gotta say as far as weaknesses go, that's my biggest one right now, but believe me when I say I'm working on it.

Thanks again for taking time to review and rate!

Nice, what do you use to make this kind of chip-tune? Sounds really good btw!

I make music - music that sounds like it could be from a classic SNES game of sorts. I don't ever intend to create this type of music exactly, but having played so much of these games it's no surprise their BGM has influenced what I happen to make.

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