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Epic! not sure whether or not he'll get hit by those fireballs or not when he lands... dangerous shiz. Nicely done as usual!

You have very constructive and well honed fun before bed man. Been looking at all your recent stuff and it blows me away every time! do you use digital or not?

JoshSummana responds:

Yeah this is digital :)

Sick as Fuuuuuuuu-! Shared it on my Chaos Emeralds Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chaos-Emeralds/294206913367


Just to start off - genuine 5 stars.

I think you should be making video game producers these, and being hired by people to do their art, because this is fucking awesome. I think of a wrestling game when I see this, none of that pansying around Smash Bros. style, no, real wrestling. If you did the art for that game it would suit it perfectly and give the style of the game even to the developers. Maan you've got me hyped now for a game like that, but I doubt it will ever happen. Either way, you should do the art for it if it comes around, obviously it's a very precise thing and I don't know how you'd be hired for it magically, but perhaps you should pitch it or something, or I should pitch now that I've thought about it, haha what am I talking about? Anyway if I did that then I'd get you to do the art for it no doubt. Good luck with business opportunities in the future and I hope you get good stuff out of your art, do you make any money off of it? now that I wonder...

anyway apologies for rambling, but in 4 words, I like you picture. :D

This is cool, did you end up making the comic?

That is awesome. The clown gives me the creeps looking at him coz his eyes are still glowing... he never fucking dies! but then again none of them do kinda... awesome pic.

Artist-Lost responds:

That's Krinkles for you. All of his characters are immortal zombie machines! lol

Holy Machronoid this is awesome. (don't know what macranoid is... but it's good.) I see a lot of this kinda stuff on deviantart, but the stuff here on newgrounds just has such better quality a lot of the time, and this most certainly is one of those times. Nice one mane, epic picture.

Artist-Lost responds:

I'm on dev art too, but Newgrounds has always been my first home.

I make music - music that sounds like it could be from a classic SNES game of sorts. I don't ever intend to create this type of music exactly, but having played so much of these games it's no surprise their BGM has influenced what I happen to make.

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