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I make music - music that sounds like it could be from a classic SNES game of sorts. I don't ever intend to create this type of music exactly, but having played so much of these games it's no surprise their BGM has influenced what I happen to make.

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I Make Music for Video Games and Other Stuff! Ask me!

Posted by dude-im-alive - January 13th, 2014

First song of mine featured in a video-game! Psyched! It begins here: Party Bueno Game.

You can hear it when you'r walking around the party in any of the main rooms. Over 750 people helped create this and most supplied character art for the party goers, a pretty cool and ambitious idea for a game, so well done to Molkman.  Here's a link to SoundCloud where you can listen to all the songs (including mine) on the official Major Bueno page, mine is the third one in and I'm known as Kamer on there go to my songs through the comment I left at the beginning of my song! Party Bueno OST. Also the original track which hasn't been cut up for the game, so is longer and more fluid, can be found further down my SoundCloud page where I'm known as 'Kamer': Kamer - Neon Hyena

I'm also working on another project soundtracking a fighting game and have a song being released on an Android or iPhone game too. Also I soundtracked another game and made 5 songs for it, but the production for that has been ceased and may not be completed, so I'm toying with whether or not I should upload those songs, we will see. More details will be posted here when things progress. :D

Did a live DJ set of Dubstep, DnB and Drumstep at a club yesterday too, that went pretty swell. So yeah, check my songs! Also look below to find my other stuff, more songs, live DJ sets, Poetry and shiz, sweet! 


All of my songs are available for free download on this website and many of them on Soundcloud, however if you want to use any for a project or something, then ask for my permission and we shall arrange something. Also always provide due credit please. Thanks.


I also make music which you can find here at Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kamer

This is my Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/kamer/

I mainly mix dubstep, drumstep, DnB and a taddle of electro, house, electroswing, chillout, etc... Check it out! ;)

And I also have a blog on Tumblr for it all: http://dude-im-alive.tumblr.com/

A Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quantarm

And I write a little poetry too: http://dude-im-alive.deviantart.com/


Ok so hello because you're on my page, and if you wanna hear some crazy video-game shit then just listen to the songs above :) BAI!