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I Will Make Music for Your Video Games

2013-05-30 10:23:48 by dude-im-alive

Hello! I make music that's inspired by video-games of all types and of course other genres of music too. I would love to make music for video-games and that is why I have joined Newgrounds. I know there are lots of awesome games designers out there on this website, because I've been playing the games for years since I was small. Now that I'm able to contribute to the website it's great, and what would be even better is if I could collaborate with some of you flash artists out there and help you fill your creation with sound. Comment or message me if you're interested in doing something :)

All of my songs are available for free download, however I if you are using it for something, then I'd like to be told, purely so I could know that it is :D

I also make music which you can find here at Soundcloud:

This is my Mixcloud:
I mainly mix dubstep, drumstep, DnB and a taddle of electro, house, electroswing, chillout, etc... Check it out! :)

And I also have a blog on Tumblr for it all:

A Twitter:

And I write a little poetry too:

Ok so hello because you're on my page, and if you wanna hear some crazy video-game shit then just listen to the songs above :) BAI!


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