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New beginning

2007-09-10 17:00:14 by dude-im-alive

I am here, (finally!) to submit my contributions to NewGrounds (:

I've been on this site since I was 9 or something (it's been 8 years since then) and remember loving so much on here and never even thinking that I could be uploading onto here to. Now I am (:

I hope all of you like my music and I would of course be really happy to let anyone use it for either a flash cartoon or game. That is my main intention of posting it up here, it could be exactly what you need (:

Having watched this site grow and collect and get better and better, I'm glad to now be a part of it. Contact me if you would like me to make you a song (though I admit my skills are basic with Fruity Loops but improving) and I'll be happy to hear what you'd like and do my best to collaborate and generate an awesome idea!

Thank you NewGrounds!


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